Calibix is a official partner of the AldroTeam, the last project of Manolo Saiz (former director of well known teams ONCE, Liberty Seguros and Astana), even before its debut in 2016 in the competition in the categories Under 23 and Elite. Teams with great potential based on the young reserve, its main objective is to pick up and train young talents, to achieve to be the reference of the teams in the superior categories.

Calibix perform biomechanical studies of all the teams, and clones the different bikes of its cyclists, to improve their performance, ensure their maximum comfort and avoid possible injuries.

Known professional cyclist and huge international prominence, owns a intense experience since 2008 with national teams like Burgos Monumental, Cervelo Test Team, RacingTeam (Taiwan), PolygonSweetNiceCyclingTeam (Indonesia) or SkyDrive (Dubai). Actually he is in TeamUkyo (Japan). He has won many races, such as the Tour of Singkarak in 2012, and the Tour of Japan and the Tour of Kumano, in 2016.

He uses the Calibix system on his bicycles to get the maximum performance and comfort, becoming one of our best ambassadors.


He is a materials engineer that love Triathlon. He won the Olympic Triathlon of Logroño in 2014, and takes parts since 2002 in races as Olympic Triathlon, Ironman, Championship of Spain.

He shows his hobby and his informative interest about the triathlon writing his own blog where he tells his experiences and gives any type of useful advices. Lover of Bikefitting, strong advocate of the importance of the position in the bicycle, he improve his performance and commodity since he calibrated his bike with Calibix.